How Does the Fastsize Extender Work

One of the main questions I'm asked through the website and in person is 'How does the Fastsize Extender work?'. I've taken a look at the explanation at the official Fastsize Extender website and it's a little confusing. You and I aren't scientists and we need an explanation that's easy to understand. So, what I've done is take some details from the official site and applied them to my own knowledge of the device. Hopefully this combination of knowledge will make it easy to understand how the Fastsize Extender really works.

You see, the penis itself is made up of 3 different cylinders, 2 of which are called the Corpora Cavernosa (pictured in the diagram to the right). When we men are aroused (which lets face it is a good portion of the time :) ) these cylinders fill with blood which is what gives us an erection. The other cylinder is the Corpus Spongiosum (also pictured) and this is responsible for moving semen from the testicles to the penis when we ejaculate. It isn't as exciting when we talk about it scientifically is it. But I digress... When you put on your Fastsize Extender it will stretch the tissue inside the penis around these cylinders very slowly. This slow but effective use of 'traction' allows for the subtle enlargement of the penis.

Ok, now what does that mean in laymans terms? The human body has a natural tendency to change and develop under physical influence. By using the Fastsize Extender to stretch the penis the cells in the described penis chambers begin to divide and expand increasing the tissue mass (similar to how your body reacts to weight lifting) . Doing this allows the penis to hold more blood than it could before and the direct result is a larger penis in length and girth.

Because it is being stretched, cells first begin to break down and then multiply to fill the new tissue areas being created by the traction. This results in the eventual increase in length and girth of the penis, by a completely safe and natural means of enlargement.

The process is not painful by any means. Because it is a stretch made over time, and very slightly, the penis adapts all throughout the enlarging. The identical is used by hundreds of doctors every day to treat burn victims and other patients that require traction to amend their problems. It works! Visit the official Fastsize Extender site

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